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US Blackout Tracker for 2017 from Eaton

Blackout Tracker 2017

How Are We Affected by Power Outages?


Every year, for the past ten years, Eaton has provided a US Blackout Tracker showing such a wide impact on homes and businesses.? In 2017, their annual report showed a 48% increase in people affected by blackouts.? It’s staggering to think, that many people were without the ability to cook food, possible food spoilage, heat/ac not running, among other necessities.

It was reported, there were 3,526 power outages. While it represents a small decrease in the number of power outages, it escalated significantly in the number of people affected.? The data was collected from all 50 states, including Puerto Rico, from a variety of sources.

The Blackout?Tracker continues to show us how significant power outages are still prevalent, how susceptible?we really are, and how much we need to be prepared for these occurrences?from a number of reasons.

It can cost thousands of dollars every minute that the power is not on.? For businesses,?the cost is even more staggering.? Can your business afford to lose over $100,000 per hour that it’s not operating?? Imagine the costly amount if your organization is large like Delta Airlines, costing them an est. 50 million in revenue, when there was a power outage at the airport in Atlanta.

The tracker also listed some unusual reasons for blackouts.? Can you imagine a swarm of bees could cause an outage?? It happened when a large branch hanging over?a power line, that wasn’t trimmed back, rotted and fell on the line.? For the complete Eaton?Blackout Tracker for 2017, please read to find further interesting info. that caused blackouts in the US.

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