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Laboratory Reliable Backup Power Services

Laboratories handle important and sensitive materials that can be compromised by fluctuations in temperature. Whether the lab is used to conduct experiments, test blood samples or store medications, a power outage can be devastating and put lives at risk. That is why laboratories across the North Carolina and South Carolina turn to National Power to provide the best in reliable and high-performance industrial and commercial backup generators.

Both North and Carolina are home to major research centers, renowned hospitals and vital medical facilities that rely on consistent power to operate safely. All it can take is one major storm to affect power and make a laboratory’s entire inventory vulnerable. That is why it is so important to have a power plan in place.

At National Power, we work closely with laboratory and facility managers to assess their current power system, identify any weaknesses, make recommendations for improvement and design a solid backup plan. We use the absolute best in Generac industrial and commercial generators to ensure that power is immediately fed to the laboratory the moment the main system experiences an outage. This allows labs to enjoy peace of mind, protect them inventory and make sure that they are able to continue their important work.

Even if you take careful steps to build a solid power system in your lab, there could be a grid failure that is out of your control. While you can?t control these circumstances, you can prepare the the worst and make sure that you are able to recover quickly from any major power disasters.

We also provide repair and maintenance services so that your backup generator is always in perfect working order. Call National Power today to learn more about how we help laboratories design and implement backup power plans using the best in industry techniques and equipment.

National Power proudly provides exceptional customer service and trusted power solutions in NC and SC and across the US.