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Solutions ForData Centers

Solutions for Data Centers

Total Data Center Solution Provider?

When you?re responsible for a data center, there?s no such thing as ?just a little blip.? Even a temporary interruption can trigger major consequences. That is why you need a reliable backup power system from a company that understands the advanced requirements of the technology used to store and protect data. Uninterruptible power means more than just keeping the lights on. Fortunately, National Power provides comprehensive data center solutions that provide the best in cooling, redundant systems, and power management.??

With the right tools in place, you can continue to operate without interruption whether there is a problem with the local power source or the entire grid is down. We offer the best products so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data center is prepared and protected. Here are just a few of the high performance products and cutting-edge technology we offer data centers:??

Search and Select Power Quality Products
Find the best products to help build and protect your data center.
Power Management
Learn more about our selection of UPS connectivity hardware cards, UPS management and IT shutdown software.
Tailored and Prefabricated Solutions
These solutions are designed to easily integrate with your existing systems with minimal assembly required.
Enclosures, Racks and Cages
Get all the storage and cooling equipment you need to manage your data center.
With 24/7 service, we are available to help when you need it most.
Power Conditioning
Experience optimal protection against power sags, spikes, surges and electrical noise
Legacy Products
We provide support for all existing legacy products that are a part of your system.
Backup Power (UPS)
Whether you need to protect a PC or an entire data center, our UPS products can help.
Power Distribution
Quickly set up power distribution for all your IT equipment without having to rely on an electrician. With our plug-and-play products, it couldn?t be easier.
Surge Protection
Enjoy the safest and most reliable surge protection products on the market.
Airflow Management
Better manage airflow while also reducing cooling energy and creating a stable environment for all your equipment.
Technical & Office Furniture
Shop our extensive selection of lab furniture, seating, desks, and modular units.
DC Power
All the DC power solutions you need to support telecommunications.
Product Registration
Register all your products online for even better service.

The Right System for the Right Client

National Power works closely with our clients to provide reliable backup power systems for sophisticated and vital data centers. We offer a wide range of products to protect your critical systems, and our sales team is experienced in identifying the right solutions for different needs and budgets. We design sophisticated power solutions that feature N+1 to 2N redundancy systems, emergency standby and battery backup options to provide up to 99.999% power reliability. You can enjoy a customized system that meets all your needs.

Even Your Backups Need Backup

But our expert support doesn?t end there. National Power is jointly accountable for our clients? budgets and reliability requirements. That means that even after installation is complete, we continue to offer 24/7 emergency service. National Power service technicians are factory trained and tested to support your power system at every stage, so you never need to worry about unpleasant surprises somewhere down the line.

What?s more, we offer all this at the lowest cost per kilowatt available. How? It all comes down to understanding the needs of our clients. Our solutions are designed and scaled to meet your parameters ? and your budget ? instead of loading you down with provisions you don?t need or skipping crucial coverage that you do. As a result, our systems regularly outperform a variety of more expensive traditional designs.

Protect Your Critical Systems with National Power

Check out our turnkey UPS products to see the many options available to you. If you?d like to place an order or discuss a more customized solution, contact us today at 800-790-1672.


National Power provides and services the most reliable backup power systems for data centers throughout the US.