National Power's COVID-19 Message to our Customers

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The Key to Your Business Continuity Plan

What’s the plan for your business if disaster strikes? If it doesn’t include at least a backup generator, then you and your customers could be left in the dark. Every minute of downtime means lost revenue not to mention lost confidence in your business. That’s why it’s so important to make a reliable standby power system your first line of defense.

Business as Usual

National Power has spent decades supporting business continuity plans in NC and SC, ensuring that the lights stay on no matter what happens to the power grid. Our sales team is adept at analyzing your power needs, using sizing assistance tables and software to help you select the right standby power and transfer equipment for your business. Our factory trained and tested technicians have serviced thousands of backup power systems for commercial establishments and small businesses including restaurants, stores, banks, hotels and more. We keep our communities running with some of the most reliable, cost-effective commercial generators in the industry: Generac generators.

Help is Just Around the Corner

No need to worry about the unexpected. National Power has representatives that provide fast support whenever you need it. Even after installation is complete, our skilled service technicians are available 24/7 for emergency service. Think of them as your built-in contingency plan.

When you partner with National Power, you get all of this at the lowest cost per kilowatt available. How, you ask? The answer is that we carry only the most reliable products, and we have the expertise needed to size them properly. Getting the right-sized system means you can power your whole business without paying for more than you need. In fact, our systems regularly outperform many other more expensive options.

Protect Your Business with National Power

Explore our top-of-the-line products we have a lot to choose from! If you’d like to place an order or request a consultation, contact us today at 888-790-1672.

National Power provides reliable commercial power in NC and SC to support your business continuity plan.