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Telect 100A Dual-feed 4/4 KLM/GMT

Transition to higher current demands while maintaining traditional?low-current distribution with this versatile 4/4 KLM/GMT fuse?panel. In just one rack unit, this dual-feed fuse panel fi ts eight?30A KLM fuses (four per side) and eight 15A GMT fuses (four per?side).?For critical applications, a load sharing option automatically pulls?the entire power load from one side of the panel if the other?power feed is lost.?A removable alarm card includes power and alarm LEDs for both?feeds. A simple, versatile intermediate-current solution, the KLM/GMT fuse panel helps you maximize space and manage power?for various network elements in one unit.


  • Co-locate
  • Wireless
  • Central office
  • Remote sites
  • Secondary distribution


  • High power density: 125A input interrupt device rating per?side (dual feed) in one rack unit
  • Additional redundancy: Advanced load sharing option?ensures power remains on to all fuse positions as long as?one input is powered
  • Large range of output amperages:
    ? 1-30A per KLM fuse output
    ? 18/100-15A per GMT fuse output
  • Versatile wire binding output connections: Accept either bare?or compression-lug cable
  • Robust input connections: Accept secure two-hole?compression lug cable
  • Multiple voltages: Automatically accepts ?24V, -48V
  • Sophisticated alarming: Intelligent, removable alarm card?features a KLM alarm reset feature and requires no extra?alarming fuses

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