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DC Power Systems & Inverters


Versatile DC power solution with high eff iciency eSure? rectifiers and converters, modular distribution, and advanced control and monitoring accepts single or three-phase input up to 277/480 VAC.

The modular NetSure? 7100 Series power system with 3500 watt or 2000 watt rectifiers and 1500 watt DC to DC converters provides up to 4000 amps of current for -48 volt systems with up to 520 amps at +24 volts. The basic components of the power system include the NetSure Control Unit (NCU), module mounting shelf assemblies which house the rectifiers and converters, and a modular distribution cabinet.
The NetSure 7100 power system contains a powerful, microprocessor-based control system capable of monitoring and controlling up to 60 rectifiers and converters. The NCU controller provides a full color LCD display, which can be activated at the touch of a keypad.

Each shelf can accommodate up to six plug?n?play rectifiers, which are controlled by the NCU. Additional shelves can be added as load requirements increase. The 2000 watt rectifiers and 1500 watt -48 VDC to +24 VDC converters are housed in shelves that occupy 1 RU. Each shelf accommodates rectifiers in all six positions and converters in three positions. The NetSure 7100 can be expanded to up to three distribution bays for a total capacity of 4000 amps and up to twelve distribution panels. Each NetSure 7100 distribution cabinet is modular by row and position.

Four distinct distribution cabinet sizes are available to accommodate from one to four distribution panels. This allows the system to be configured in relay racks of various heights for installation in low-profile sites or atop batteries or other equipment to make more effective use of floor space. Several distribution panels are available offering different combinations of distribution positions, low voltage disconnect and battery disconnect options.

Distribution device options include 1 amp to 300 amp bullet-style circuit breakers, 3 amp to 125 amp TPS-style fuses in plug-in bullet-style holders, 100 amp to 800 amp GJ/218-style circuit breakers, 70 amp to 250 amp TPL-B-style fuses and 70 amp to 600 amp TPH-style fuses. These devices can be configured for both -48 V load and battery disconnect and +24 V load (bullet devices only). A GMT fuse module is also available.

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