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DC Power Systems & Inverters

GE Infinity M

GE Critical Infinity M -48 +24 system

Infinity M Power System
Dual Voltage, Rack Mounted Power System

The GE Infinity M DC energy system is a modular power plant that supports dual voltage (+24V/-48V) operation through the use of a comprehensive range of advanced rectifiers and DC-DC converters. Primary voltage is supported by rectifiers and battery reserve, while secondary voltage is supported by DC-DC converter modules. Primary voltage can be -48V or +24V. The Infinity M Power System has primary voltage capacity for +24V and -48V power up to 1,600A; secondary voltage capacity is up to 600A per expansion module.

Shelf / Bay Options

Infinity M systems may be equipped in?a 7ft 23? relay rack; a half height rack?for mounting on battery stands; indoor?or outdoor power cabinets; or mounting
rails for field install applications. The?distribution module is 14U (24.5?) tall and?accommodates up to 80 single voltage or?selectable voltage bullet breaker positions.?Universal shelves are 1U tall with four slots?that accept any Infinity series rectifier or?converter interchangeably in any power?slot. This allows the available slots to be?filled with the mix of power modules desired.

The only restriction is whether AC power?is applied to the shelf. This gives extreme?flexibility in the provisioning of power?modules within the system.

Infinity Rectifier and
Converter Family

The Infinity Series offers DC rectifiers and?converters for both +24V to -48V and -48V to?+24V applications. For easy module selection,?the rectifiers and converters are color coded?to quickly identify voltage, module type and?input voltage type (AC or DC).

Galaxy Pulsar* Plus Controller

The Galaxy Pulsar Plus is used throughout?many of the GE DC Power products?including Infinity, CP, and SPS with the?only differentiator being the form factor?which is scaled to meet the nature of the?application. The controller utilizes standard?network management protocols allowing?for advanced network supervision with?SNMP communications to deliver extensive?monitoring and control features with both?local and remote access.

Features and Benefits


  • Distributed fault tolerance
  • Proven field performance
  • Controller continuity


  • Industry leading controller features
  • Ethernet interface for remote access
  • Centralized network management

Investment Protection

  • Module Compatibility
  • Power Shelf Growth
  • Secondary Voltage flexibility +24V / -48V
  • Flexible Upgrade Options

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