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DC Power Systems & Inverters


The GE Battery Distribution Fuse Bay?(BDFB) or Battery Distribution Circuit?Breaker Bay (BDCBB) serves as a?secondary power distribution unit for?-48V DC power from the battery plant?to the load equipment. The H569-445?family of products is versatile with fuse?and circuit breaker options, internal?or external DC return bars, 800A,?28-position panels and a VIM1EC smart?meter to monitor voltage and current of?each load bus.

Cabinet Options

The cabinet for the BDFB / BDCBB is?7ft, seismic zone 4 rated, with up to six?28-position distribution panels. Each?panel may be individually fed with an?800A load bus or multiple panels may?be joined together. Load bus assemblies?include a 1500A shunt and landings for?four 750kcmil cables. Factory supplied?shunt wiring to each panel allows?cabinets to be transitioned into different?load configurations in minutes for?maximum flexibility.?1, 2 and 4 ? foot tall cabinet extensions are?available for various cable rack heights.

Fuse / Circuit
Breaker Panels

Distribution panels have 28 bullet-style?positions that accept either TPS or TPL?fuses up to 125A or circuit breakers up to?250A. Any fuse or circuit breaker may be?installed in any position with no spacing?requirements. Each panel includes its own?alarm lights for power loss and fuse/breaker?alarms. Hinged doors on each panel?provide circuit breaker and fuse protection?and prevent incorrect installation.

VIM1EC Intelligent Meter

The VIM1EC smart meter monitors?voltage and current of each load center?with individually configured overload?thresholds, power loss and fuse/breaker?alarms. Form-C relays for each of the?three alarms are accessed via terminal?blocks located at the top of the cabinet.?The VIM1EC receives redundant power?from Load A and B buses as well as an?optional external Auxiliary Battery Supply?(ABS) connection.

A remote monitoring capability through?a Millennium 2 or Pulsar Plus controller?is now a standard feature of the VIM1EC?meter. Alternatively, an in-bay Network?Interface card (bay configured with?G274) is available where monitoring has?to be done independently of a GE plant?controller. Kits to upgrade H569445 BDCBBs to the new VIM1EC, or to add?the Network Interface card to existing?bays are available.


  • Telecom central office?and MTSO applications
  • 800 amp load centers ??from one to six panels?with a capacity up to?4800 amps per cabinet
  • Digital meter interface?with remote access
  • No spacing restrictions?on fuse and circuit breaker?protectors

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