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Battery/Generator Monitoring

Proactive Protection with Battery Monitoring

Battery degradation is not always detected by a simple voltage test. The best test is a periodic discharge test. But what happens between quarterly tests? Can battery cells really fail that quickly?

They can, and they do. A VRLA cell on a large kVA UPS can become faulty within days of a routine discharge test. This is often due to chemical changes in the cell caused by the UPS charge and discharge cycles even if the UPS never comes online. Furthermore, corrosion can occur in any of the battery’s connecting hardware, especially in extreme environments where uninterruptible power supply systems are particularly crucial.

That’s why National Power offers top-of-the-line battery monitoring systems. Continuous battery monitoring is an essential requirement for any critical UPS. You can prevent unexpected battery failure with continuous monitoring and analysis of all critical battery parts and functions. If anything starts to go wrong, you’ll know about it before it becomes a serious problem.

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EnCharge Power Systems

EnCharge products are proudly manufactured in Gaylord, Minnesota and engineered for quality, accuracy, safety and durability allowing users to maximize operations and reduce downtime. The line of products are ideal for utility, rail, solar, telecom, switch gear and other mission critical industries.