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Eaton 5P Rackmount

Eaton 5P

Eaton 5S

The Eaton 5S UPS provides cost-effective line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation for small and medium businesses with workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment and POS applications.

Generac Generators & Transfer Switches

Your Trusted Source for Commercial Generac Generators in NC & SC When your power goes out, you shouldn’t be left worrying whether your backup power system is going to do its job. You need a generator that you can trust every time. That’s why we offer Generac generators: one of the most reliable, cost-effective commercial…

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Count on UPSs Anywhere Continuous Power is Needed An unexpected power surge or outage can be deadly to electronic data and equipment. Your best line of defense is securing an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. National Power is proud to be an Eaton Authorized Master Distributor. Eaton has been a leading innovator of UPS systems…

DC Power Systems & Inverters

Your Source for DC Power Products The advantages of direct current power are considerable in the right applications. But harnessing those advantages takes specialized equipment. That’s why National Power offers a full array of DC power systems and devices from top manufacturers, so you can fine-tune a power solution to suit your company?s needs. Consider…


Supporting Engineers in NC, SC & Beyond There’s a classic joke that says: To an optimist, the glass is half-full. To a pessimist, the glass is half-empty. To an engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.? When you choose a backup power supplier, you need someone who thinks like an…

Data Centers

Uninterruptible Power Supply for Data Centers When you’re responsible for a data center, there’s no such thing as just a little blip. You need a backup power system from a company that understands the advanced requirements of the technology used to store and protect data. That means more than just keeping the lights on. It…

DC Power & Infrastructure

Upgrading Internet Infrastructure Nationwide The more technology evolves, the more crucial our connections become. These days, even a brief internet outage can bring commerce communications to a halt, destroying the confidence of consumers. More than anyone, internet providers have to keep up with the growing demands of the modern world. Meeting increasing consumer needs requires…


Expanding Business for Resellers Nationwide It?s no secret: your incremental revenue increases when you grow your customer base. When you partner with National Power, we help you accomplish this from three different angles: Diverse UPS solutions Superior customer service Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge National Power has decades of experience providing high quality power products to resellers….