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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Being Prepared to Weather the Storm…








Preparing for hurricane season is a must in the state of NC & SC. With our states being in the middle of the East Coast, with the farthest land reach into the Atlantic, it’s usually in the direct line of an impending hurricane.? It will certainly give you peace of mind knowing you’re prepared.

Here are some hurricane preparedness tips for homes and businesses:

For Home Hurricane Preparedness:

? Ensure you have a way to receive warnings-a NOAA weather radio, the AccuWeather app on your phone
or the radio/television. Sign up for alert notifications that are specific to your town or region.

? Know your local hurricane evacuation route(s), as well as shelters outside the evacuation zone.

? Make sure your vehicles are in good working condition and able to make the potential?several hundred-mile trip. Bring an extra gas can too. (You might need it, sitting in traffic with all the other evacuees)

? Put together a ?go bag? for each member of your family, including pets, that includes clothes, toiletries, medicines
and anything else needed to survive comfortably away from home for several days.

? Put together a general emergency preparedness kit.

?? Whistle to signal for help if trapped in debris.

?? Take pictures of your property, inside and out. This will come in handy if/when
talking to insurance companies about storm damage.

?? Purchase a generator and make sure it works ahead of time as electricity
can be out for weeks after a hurricane.

?? Cut down any trees or branches that could fall or be blown into the house.

?? ?Store bottled water in case water becomes polluted or unavailable.


For Business Hurricane Preparedness:

?? Have your generator serviced regularly with an Annual Commercial Service Contract.

?? Check Fuel levels

?? Trim back trees surrounding power lines or call Utility company to assist.

?? Have a safety and evacuation plan.

?? Know where shelters are.

?? Think of your employees and their families. Refer to your company safety plans.


Generac’s Hurricane prep for systems:?The Power of Preparation


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