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Generac Releases 450kW Gas Generator

In March of this year Generac began the roll out their new 450 kW spark-ignited generator. It is currently available in 600 and 480 VAC units with Generac 450kw gas generator240 and 208 VAC expected later this year.

While this generator does have some similarities with existing units on the market ? the same 21.9L V12 turbocharged engine as Generac?s 400kW generator and the meticulously factory-tested reliability that comes standard with all Generacs ? it offers a lot of benefits that aren?t found in any other generators, either from Generac or other manufacturers.

Benefits of the 450kW natural gas generator

Generac is always taking steps to make sure they can provide the exact right generator for every job and the release of their 450kW represents another big step for the manufacturer. This unit closes a gap in their own product line and the generator market as a whole. Here are some of the benefits that you won?t find anywhere else.

At only ~61,207 cubic feet and weighing in at just 8,429 lbs (open set), it is the smallest and lightest generator of its size available. This makes it a top choice for downtown applications, or any other time when space is an issue.

The 450kW only produces 91.5 dBA, roughly the equivalent of a lawn mower, when run as an open set. By adding a Level III sound attenuated enclosure factory package, sound levels can be brought down well below 70 dBA.

Conditions need to reach 104? or 3,500 feet before derating is necessary. That?s approximately 30? and 1,000 feet higher than other 450kW generators on the market.

Before the release of this product, it was a toss up between getting just enough power with no room to grow from the 400kW or spending money on more kilowatts than you needed with the 500kW. Now with the availability of the 450kW gas generator it is possible to get a generator with room to grow (without taking up too much room) while still keeping costs low.


Over 50 years of ingenuity and innovation have made Generac the power generator experts. Their commitment to spark-ignited technology make their gaseous generators second to none. This new model is a prime example of that. And of course, every generator comes standard with Generac?s factor-built and ?tested reliability and durability.

To find out more about the 450kW gaseous generation from one of National Power?s in-house power generator experts, call 888.790.1672.

By Joel Cheek and Kara Odell