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Ferrups End of Life

“Rocky Horror Picture Show of the UPS World”

National Power’s participation in the Ferrups redesign

Since the merger of Best Power with Powerware, a union which ultimately became the Eaton that we know today, very little change has been made to the Ferrups product line.? The only change I can recall was made during the Y2K timeframe when Eaton got rid of the old Yabba numbers.? For those of you that have been around long enough to know what I mean when I say Yabba, shoot me an email because we may be mates and we need to get together and shoot the breeze sometime.

Let?s consider the Ferrups for a moment.? It?s large, it?s heavy, it?s expensive, it?s inefficient, and its housed in a box that epitomizes the look and feel of the early ?90s.? If the 9PXM can be compared to a modern Fade hairstyle, the Ferrups equivalent would be the Mullet.? And yet with all of its ?faults?, this Frankenstein of UPSs has an almost cult-like following.? There are a lot of people queuing up to buy this Rocky Horror Picture Show of the UPS world.? It has been a steady performer for Eaton since its release and this year has seen an 8% increase in sales.? But the Ferrups?s time has come.

Eaton is in the initial stages of a design project to update the Ferrups product line.? Eaton has invited National Power to participate and we want to extend that invitation to our customers.? Over the next couple of weeks, think about the current Ferrups design. What do you like and dislike about the product?? What changes do you think would make the Ferrups a better product?? Reach out to your customers and ask the same questions. Things to consider are:



Now is the time to Skype with your customers and put together a wish list for changes you would like to see implemented. ??Eaton may not satisfy every request, but it is for certain Eaton can?t implement a change that is not communicated to their design team.? So reach out to your customers to get ideas and suggestions for the redesign of the updated Ferrups.? Let us know your thoughts and we will compile the data for presentation to Eaton during project meetings.? We look forward to hearing from you.


Lamar Britt

Director ? Power Quality Sales

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