National Power's COVID-19 Message to our Customers

Facilities & Property Managers

Facilities & Property Services

As a property and facility manager, you have important responsibility of making sure that your all of the buildings under your care are operating properly. Whether you are in charge of a large commercial business, a university or other type of facility, it is up to you to make sure that visitors, employees and customers can safely access your buildings. Problems with the power grid and extreme weather can knock out power and leave your facilities in the dark. Fortunately, National Power has perfect industrial and commercial backup generator solutions to support your efforts and help you fulfill your mission.

Over the years, we have help property and facility managers throughout North and South Carolina develop and implement powerful and reliable backup power systems. You don?t have to worry about losing revenue to unnecessary downtime or compromising safety due to power outages. We can help you design a customized power solution to fit your needs and continue to supply power even during the most challenging circumstances.

Large facilities and properties often rely on power to supply essential building components, such as elevators and security systems. An outage can not only be an inconvenience, it can put people at risk and leave them stranded in the building. The best solution is to install a power backup system that is powered by a Generac commercial and industrial generator. This products represent the best on the market so that you can feel confident that your system will go into action right when you need it most.

Protect your facility and partner with National Power to make sure that every building, across all your properties, is equipped to handle a power outage and continue to provide everyone with the safety and access they need. You can also rely on us for all your repair and maintenance needs. Call today to learn more about how we help property and facility managers and how we can build a customized plan for you.

National Power proudly provides exceptional customer service and trusted power solutions in NC and SC and across the US.