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Eaton Raises UPS Prices

At the end of January Eaton announced upcoming price increases for many of their Power Quality products. The increases, which are set to take effect on February 25, are likely the result of volatility in lead prices from Q4 of 2016.

Lead prices Sept 2016 – Feb 2017

In November 2016 lead prices rose sharply in both the Shanghai Metal Markets (SMM) and the London Metal Exchange (LME). This dramatic increase was followed by an equally dramatic drop in December to October price levels. Another spike in January closed out the month with the prices in both SMM and LME returning almost to their November highs.

This amount of volatility, which is uncharacteristic for the commodity, triggered price increases in the battery market. As early as the first of the year some manufacturers began implementing double digit price increases. As seen previously, a price increase for batteries is usually followed by an increase in the UPS market. That proved correct when Eaton issued a rare mid-quarter price update on January 25.

On average the price increase for FERRUPS is around 4.5%, though several products are seeing an adjustment closer to 8%. Battery cabinets and accessories were marked up 5% across the board. Models of the 9170+ UPS saw the smallest average change, with prices hovering around 1% higher.

Orders placed with National Power between now and February 24 will not be subject to the price increase.

To place an order, please contact Lamar Britt at 919.861.6925.

By Lamar Britt and Kara Odell