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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider A Gaseous Generator

Diesel-fueled generators have long been the choice for code-driven installations over 150 KW. Typically, diesel generators have offered several key advantages that their spark ignited counterparts couldn?t. Those advantages include lower capital cost and on-site fuel storage, which is especially important for mission critical applications. Technological advances in recent years have opened up the choices…

Comparing UPS: 5PR vs. 5PRC

Eaton recently introduced the 5PRC line of UPS, which shares many similarities with the existing 5PR line of Eaton UPS. On the aspects listed below there was no difference at all between the two lines. The 5PR and 5PRC are not identical, though. The two lines differ on six key features.   If rack space…

Eaton Raises UPS Prices

At the end of January Eaton announced upcoming price increases for many of their Power Quality products. The increases, which are set to take effect on February 25, are likely the result of volatility in lead prices from Q4 of 2016. In November 2016 lead prices rose sharply in both the Shanghai Metal Markets (SMM)…

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