National Power's COVID-19 Message to our Customers

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Services

Assisted living facilities provide vital care to a vulnerable population of people who need help living independently. These facilities often dispense medicine, provide meals and monitor medical equipment for residents with a range of medical problems and challenges. For these patients and caregivers, a power outage could have real and devastating consequences. That is why National Power is proud to work with assisted living facilities across North Carolina and South Carolina to design backup power plans and install the best in industrial and commercial generators.

While a missed meal might be an inconvenience, for others with medical conditions, this can cause real problems. If an assisted living facility experiences a power outage and isn?t able to properly refrigerate or prepare food, patients can suffer. A backup generator can ensure that there isn?t a disruption in the power supply and all the kitchen staff to continue to serve patients and residents.

A backup generator also enables the facility to stay heated or cooled whenever the power goes out. This is extremely important when it comes to the patients well-being in your facilities and something we monitor with our reliable energy source.

Consistent and reliable power is also essential to storing medication and keeping medical equipment up and running. Many medications are sensitive to temperature and will be compromised if they don?t have the right level of refrigeration. While many medical devices include battery backups for added protection, there are exceptions, making it even more important to create and implement a backup power plan that addresses the needs of the entire facility.

Not only doesn?t National Power used the latest techniques to assess power systems, design backup up plans and implement solutions, be also rely on the best Generac industrial and commercial generators to provide unbeatable power. These products meet and exceed industry standards so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable backup power system.

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